What kinds of skills do you look for?
Will Creative Force Network keep me busy?
What is the average length of a placement? 
Who sets my rates?
How do I get paid?
Am I exclusive to Creative Force Network?
What kinds of clients do you have?
Our clients include advertising agencies, design studios, corporations and
governments.They can be large enterprises or small design shops. You can
gain experience in healthcare, retail, packaging, technology, manufacturing,
marketing, finance, government and commerce and in such diverse areas as
direct mail, broadcast, editorial, publications, interactive and much more.
What kinds of skills do you look for?
We look for creatives who are responsible, professional, show a passion for
what they do and have a proven record in their specialty. We offer our clients
a range of skill levels, from the most senior people to juniors. Our juniors
must have a minimum of one year of professional experience.  
Will Creative Force Network keep me busy? 
We try to keep you as busy as the market permits. It is not unusual to have
back-to-back assignments or for clients to request that you return for follow
-on assignments. Everything depends on the demand for your skills, the
economy and the current needs in the industry.
What is the average length of a placement? 
Placements can range from one week to a year, or longer. The assignment
can even turn into a full-time job. You can be asked to work on-site or
from your home office. Some work may take place evenings or weekends.
Some jobs may require travel. We will discuss any restrictions on your time
and availability at our first interview together.
Who sets my rates?
When an assignment arises, we ask you to quote a rate. We also offer
guidelines based on our experience with what people typically charge for
similar work. Ultimately, it is up to both you and a client to agree to the rate.
Some clients also come to us with a fixed budget that we give you the option
to accept.
How do I get paid?
We invoice the client on your behalf. Once Creative Force Network receives
payment from the client, we will immediately issue you a cheque for your
services. We’ll send you a confirmation form indicating to you how our fee
has been deducted from the total budget. For longer assignments, we invoice
the client in installments or set up a biweekly payment schedule. You pay
your own taxes and benefits. 
Am I exclusive to Creative Force Network?
You may work for as many other clients and placement agencies as you like.
We ask you to sign a nonexclusive agreement, which will give you the freedom
to find your own work, but which protects our relationships with our clients.