Focused on the big picture
Anyone can match skill sets to job descriptions. The real trick is finding a
balance between experience and expectations, interests and opportunities,
environments and personalities. Will everyone be happy with the end product
and the experience of working together? At Creative Force Network, we don’t
just fill the position, we make the right fit.
A reputation for quality
Our prescreened creatives are chosen for both their professional and personal
skills. There is follow up with both parties at key stages of a placement to
make sure everything is going well. And when you work with us, you’ll get
one-to-one service you can rely on.
Experience that shows
We were once creative types ourselves. That means we speak the language.
A project can be sized up quickly to make an accurate match, the first-time!
Whether you’re a client who needs creative help or an independent
professional adding to your business, you’ll benefit from our first-hand