Our creative network is valuable to us and we have maintained long-standing
relationships with the people we represent. Here are some of the reasons people
enjoy working with us.
Variety of work
One day, you could be teamed up on an award-
winning marketing campaign. The next you could be
a pinch-hitter for someone on maternity leave. Or
even hired away from us full-time because you made
such a good impression! We offer the kind of variety
that keeps your creative juices flowing.
Explore your options
You may see yourself in an ad agency, in a corporation
or heading up a small creative shop. Working with us
gives you a chance to work in different places and see
how they function.
Gain a representative
We’ll market you, invoice for you and collect payment on
your behalf. It’s that simple.
Remain a free agent
You don’t have to become an employee to work with us. If
you’re freelance already, you continue to pay your own taxes
and manage your own benefits. From the start, both you and
the client know your rate of pay and our fixed commission.